Ford Announces Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 EV Dragster

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Hot off the heels of the Mustang Lithium from Webasto at SEMA 2019, Ford introduces the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 EV dragster.

Ford Media
Just today, Ford introduced the world to the one-off Mustang Cobra Jet 1400, an EV dragster based off the Mustang Cobra Jet turnkey drag car platform.

Ford Media
However, instead of 5.2-liter V8 under the hood, there is a Cascadia Motion motor and inverter that is controlled by an AEM EV controller and software. Yes, the same AEM you are familiar with for setting record lap times in Trans Am or pushing immense power out of your turbocharged Mustang drag car.

Ford Media
That 1400 is reference to its estimated power output for 1400-horsepower while making 1100-ft-lbs of torque the moment you hit the accelerator. From the video, it also seems like it shares an interesting trait that even the Webasto-built Mustang Lithium integrated into their build: a conventional transmission.

Ford Media
From its brief jaunt down the quarter-mile, it appears to be a two-speed transmission but that might not be the entire case as this may have just been a demonstration run just for that video. Ford also promises that this will be a low-eight-second car with a trap speed of over 170-MPH.

“Ford has always used motorsport to demonstrate innovation,” said Dave Pericak, Global Director, Ford Icons. “Electric powertrains give us a completely new kind of performance and the all-electric Cobra Jet 1400 is one example of pushing new technology to the absolute limit. We’re excited to showcase what’s possible in an exciting year when we also have the all-electric Mustang Mach-E joining the Mustang family.”

Ford Media
The car itself is built by MLe Racecars with Watson Engineering providing chassis development and building the roll cage. Watson I have heard of since they are a regular metal work shop and Ford Performance Racing Parts distributor in the Detroit area, but I have not heard of MLe Racecars and can’t seem to find anything on them.

Regardless, this is just another step by Ford and the Ford Performance group to push their EV agenda. Just back in November of last year Ford released the Mustang Mach-E SUV and showed off interest in an EV Mustang build with the aforementioned Lithium. Now, it appears they want to double down on EV performance with the Cobra Jet 1400.

“This project was a challenge for all of us at Ford Performance, but a challenge we loved jumping into,” said Mark Rushbrook, Global Director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “We saw the Cobra Jet 1400 project as an opportunity to start developing electric powertrains in a race car package that we already had a lot of experience with, so we had performance benchmarks we wanted to match and beat right now. This has been a fantastic project to work on, and we hope the first of many coming from our team at Ford Performance Motorsports.”

Ford Media
It appears that, once the drag racing season restarts in 2020, we will see the Cobra Jet 1400 in action. Ford promises that it will debut “later this year at a drag racing event.”

What do you think? Should GM bring back the eCOPO Camaro and do a shootout against the Cobra Jet 1400? Does this make you excited about the future of the Pony Car Wars? Sound off in the comments!

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