When Cheap Gets Expensive – Abom79 Fixes A Knock-Off Mustang Intake

What happens when you decide that cheap, inferior copy intake is good enough to buy? Abom79 demonstrates in a four-part series and Carbage follows along.

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Gear Bangin’ – What is a Transmission?

While we talk about the latest in transmissions, there is a fundamental issue at hand: what does it do and what defines it as a manual and automatic?

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Speed Shiftin’ – What is the Dual Clutch Transmission?

It’s replacing more and more traditional manual transmissions, but what exactly is the Dual Clutch Transmission in the new C8 Corvette and Shelby GT500?

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Brake Tech: Demystifying Your Brakes

When it comes to performance upgrades, the brake system is often one of the most misunderstood or misinformed portions of the automotive world after aerodynamics.

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